VMC-15MR2 A/V Cable for Sony Handycam Camcorders

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The VMC-15MR2 Handycam A/V Cable connects your Sony Handycam camcorder directly to your TV or HDTV, so you can view your footage on the big screen. This cable is compatible with all Handycam camcorders that are equipped with a Multi-Terminal input. The length is about 5 feet. It works with but not limited to the following Sony camcorders:

HDR-CX220, HDRCX220, CX220
HDR-CX230, HDRCX230, CX230
HDR-CX240, HDRCX240, CX240
HDR-CX280, HDRCX280, CX280
HDR-CX290, HDRCX290, CX290
HDR-CX330, HDRCX330, CX330
HDR-CX380, HDRCX380, CX380
HDR-CX390, HDRCX390, CX390
HDR-CX430, HDRCX430, CX430
HDR-CX440, HDRCX440, CX440
HDR-CX510, HDRCX510, CX510
HDR-PJ220, HDRPJ220, PJ220
HDR-PJ230, HDRPJ230, PJ230
HDR-PJ330, HDRPJ330, PJ330
HDR-PJ340, HDRPJ340, PJ340
HDR-PJ350, HDRPJ350, PJ350
HDR-PJ380, HDRPJ380, PJ380
HDR-PJ390, HDRPJ390, PJ390
HDR-PJ430, HDRPJ430, PJ430
HDR-PJ510, HDRPJ510, PJ510
HDR-PJ540, HDRPJ540, PJ540
HDR-PJ580, HDRPJ580, PJ580
HDR-PJ660, HDRPJ660, PJ660
HDR-PJ790, HDRPJ790, PJ790
HDR-PJ810, HDRPJ810, PJ810

and more models.

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