SB-LSM80 Battery for Samsung Camcorders

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New 100% OEM Compatible Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Works wonderfully for:

Samsung SC-D Series
SC-D263, SCD263, SCD-263, D263
SC-D351, SCD351, SCD-351, D351
SC-D352, SCD352, SCD-352, D352
SC-D353, SCD353, SCD-353, D353
SC-D354, SCD354, SCD-354, D354
SC-D355, SCD355, SCD-355, D355
SC-D357, SCD357, SCD-357, D357
SC-D362, SCD362, SCD-362, D362
SC-D363, SCD363, SCD-363, D363
SC-D364, SCD364, SCD-364, D364
SC-D365, SCD365, SCD-365, D365
SC-D366, SCD366, SCD-366, D366
SC-D371, SCD371, SCD-371, D371
SC-D372, SCD372, SCD-372, D372
SC-D375, SCD375, SCD-375, D375
SC-D453, SCD453, SCD-453, D453
SC-D455, SCD455, SCD-455, D455
SC-D457, SCD457, SCD-457, D457
SC-D557, SCD557, SCD-557, D557
SC-D653, SCD653, SCD-653, D653
SC-D655, SCD655, SCD-655, D655
SC-D953, SCD953, SCD-953, D953
SC-D955, SCD955, SCD-955, D955
SC-D963, SCD963, SCD-963, D963
SC-D965, SCD965, SCD-965, D965
SC-D975, SCD975, SCD-975, D975

Samsung SC-DC Series
SC-DC163, SCDC163, DC163
SC-DC164, SCDC164, DC164
SC-DC165, SCDC165, DC165
SC-DC171, SCDC171, DC171
SC-DC171U, SCDC171U, DC171U
SC-DC173, SCDC173, DC173
SC-DC173U, SCDC173U, DC173U
SC-DC175, SCDC175, DC175
SC-DC563, SCDC563, DC563
SC-DC564, SCDC564, DC564
SC-DC565, SCDC565, DC565
SC-DC575, SCDC575, DC575

Samsung VP-D Series
VP-D351, VPD351, D351
VP-D351i, VPD351i, D351i
VP-D352, VPD352, D352
VP-D352i, VPD352i, D352i
VP-D353, VPD353, D353
VP-D353i, VPD353i, D353i
VP-D354, VPD354, D354
VP-D354i, VPD354i, D354i
VP-D355, VPD355, D355
VP-D355i, VPD355i, D355i
VP-D361, VPD361, D361
VP-D361i, VPD361i, D361i
VP-D361Wi, VPD361Wi, D361Wi
VP-D362, VPD362, D362
VP-D362i, VPD362i, D362i
VP-D363, VPD363, D363
VP-D363i, VPD363i, D363i
VP-D364Wi, VPD364Wi, D364Wi
VP-D365Wi, VPD365Wi, D365Wi
VP-D371, VPD371, D371
VP-D371i, VPD371i, D371i
VP-D372Wi, VPD372Wi, D372Wi
VP-D372WHi, VPD372WHi, D372WHi
VP-D375Wi, VPD375Wi, D375Wi
VP-D451, VPD451, D451
VP-D451i, VPD451i, D451i
VP-D453, VPD453, D453
VP-D453i, VPD453i, D453i
VP-D454, VPD454, D454
VP-D454i, VPD454i, D454i
VP-D455, VPD455, D455
VP-D455i, VPD455i, D455i
VP-D461B, VPD461B, D461B
VP-D461i, VPD461i, D461i
VP-D463B, VPD463B, D463B
VP-D463i, VPD463i, D463i
VP-D467i, VPD467i, D467i
VP-D563, VPD563, D563
VP-D651, VPD651, D651
VP-D653, VPD653, D653
VP-D655, VPD655, D655
VP-D953, VPD953, D953
VP-D955, VPD955, D955
VP-D957, VPD957, D957
VP-D959, VPD959, D959
VP-D963, VPD963, D963
VP-D963i, VPD963i, D963i
VP-D964i, VPD964i, D964i
VP-D964W, VPD964W, D964W
VP-D964Wi, VPD964Wi, D964Wi
VP-D965i, VPD965i, D965i
VP-D965W, VPD965W, D965W
VP-D965Wi, VPD965Wi, D965Wi
VP-D975Wi, VPD975Wi, D975Wi

Samsung VP-DC Series
VP-DC161, VPDC161, DC161
VP-DC161W, VPDC161W, DC161W
VP-DC161Wi, VPDC161Wi, DC161Wi
VP-DC161WBi, VPDC161WBi, DC161WBi
VP-DC163, VPDC163, DC163
VP-DC163i, VPDC163i, DC163i
VP-DC165, VPDC165, DC165
VP-DC165W, VPDC165W, DC165W
VP-DC165WBi, VPDC165WBi, DC165WBi
VP-DC165Wi, VPDC165Wi, DC165Wi
VP-DC175, VPDC175, DC175
VP-DC563i, VPDC563i, DC563i
VP-DC565WBi, VPDC565WBi, DC565WBi
VP-DC565Wi, VPDC565Wi, DC565Wi
VP-DC575, VPDC575, DC575

Samsung VM-DC Series
VM-DC160, VMDC160, DC160
VM-DC560, VMDC560, DC560
VM-DC560K, VMDC560K, DC560K

and more models.

Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers:
Samsung SB-LSM80, SB-SLM80, SBLSM80, SB-LSM160, SB-SLM160, SBLSM160, SB-LSM320, SB-SLM320, SBLSM320, SB-LSM330, SB-SLM330, SBLSM330.

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