EA-CB5MA11 AV Cable for Samsung Cameras and Camcorders

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Our EA-CB5MA11 AV cable is used to connect your Samsung digital camera or camcorder to a TV or another audio-video device. On one end of the cable, there are RCA plugs (one for audio and another for video signals) that connect to your TV set. The other end of the cable has a mini USB plug which fits into a camera / camcorder. The cable is compatible with the following Samsung models:

Samsung DV Series DV50, DV90, DV100, DV101, DV150F, DV300F

Samsung ES Series ES95, ES96, ES99

Samsung EX Series EX2F

Samsung HMX-Q Series HMX-Q20 HMX-QF20 HMX-QF30 HMX-QF33 HMX-QF300 HMX-QF310 HMX-QF320

Samsung MV Series MV800, MV900F

Samsung NX Series NX20, NX200, NX210, NX300, NX1000, NX1100

Samsung ST Series ST66, ST72, ST73, ST76, ST77, ST88, ST89, ST150F, ST151F, ST152F, ST200, ST201

Samsung WB Series WB30F, WB150F, WB250F, WB750, WB800F, WB850F, WB2100

and more models.

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