AA-E9 AA-E8 AC Power Adapter for Samsung Camcorders

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Our AA-E9 AA-E8 power adapter is the ideal high-quality, low-cost solution for saving battery power and reducing battery charging downtime. Use this ac adapter when downloading images to your computer, printing pictures, charging battery or shooting videos at home and save your batteries for when you need them most! The adapter is 100% compatible with Samsung AA-E9, AA-E8, AAE9, AAE8, AD39-00028A, AD44-00065AK, AD44-00065A, AD44-00089A, AD44-00090AK, AD44-00101A, AD44-00091A, AD44-00116A, AD44-00117A, AD44-00115A, AD44-00112A or equivalent products. It is compatible with the following Samsung camcorders: VP-DX100, VPDX100 VP-DX105, VPDX105 SC-DX100, SCDX100 SC-DX103, SCDX103 SC-DX105, SCDX105 SC-DX205, SCDX205 SC-L901, SC-L901 SC-L903, SC-L903 SC-L906, SC-L906 SC-L907, SC-L907 SC-W97, SC-W97 HMX-H100, HMXH100 HMX-H104, HMXH104 HMX-H105, HMXH105 HMX-H106, HMXH106 SC-HMX10, SCHMX10 SC-HMX20, SCHMX20 SC-MX10, SCMX10 SC-MX20, SCMX20 SMX-F30, SMXF30 SMX-F33, SMXF33 SMX-F34, SMXF34 SC-D101, SCD101 SC-D103, SCD103 SC-D105, SCD105 SC-D107, SCD107 SC-D130, SCD130 SC-D163, SCD163 SC-D164, SCD164 SC-D180, SCD180 SC-D230, SCD230 SC-D263, SCD263 SC-D303, SCD303 SC-D305, SCD305 SC-D307, SCD307 SC-D351, SCD351 SC-D352, SCD352 SC-D353, SCD353 SC-D354, SCD354 SC-D355, SCD355 SC-D357, SCD357 SC-D362, SCD362 SC-D363, SCD363 SC-D364, SCD364 SC-D365, SCD365 SC-D366, SCD366 SC-D371, SCD371 SC-D372, SCD372 SC-D375, SCD373 SC-D381, SCD381 SC-D382, SCD382 SC-D383, SCD383 SC-D385, SCD385 SC-D453, SCD453 SC-D455, SCD455 SC-D457, SCD457 SC-D463, SCD463 SC-D5000, SCD5000 SC-D557, SCD557 SC-D564, SCD564 SC-D590, SCD590 SC-D6040, SCD6040 SC-D6050, SCD6050 SC-D653, SCD653 SC-D655, SCD655 SC-D6550, SCD6550 SC-D71, SCD71 SC-D80, SCD80 SC-D86, SCD86 SC-D901, SCD901 SC-D903, SCD903 SC-D906, SCD906 SC-D953, SCD953 SC-D955, SCD955 SC-D963, SCD963 SC-D964, SCD964 SC-D965, SCD965 SC-D975, SCD975 SC-DC163, SCDC163 SC-DC164, SCDC164 SC-DC165, SCDC165 SC-DC171, SCDC171 SC-DC173, SCDC173 SC-DC175, SCDC175 SC-DC563, SCDC563 SC-DC564, SCDC564 SC-DC565, SCDC565 SC-DC575, SCDC575 VP-D101, VPD101 VP-D102, VPD102 VP-D103, VPD103 VP-D105, VPD105 VP-D200, VPD200 VP-D230, VPD230 VP-D250, VPD250 VP-D270, VPD270 VP-D351, VPD351 VP-D352, VPD352 VP-D353, VPD353 VP-D354, VPD354 VP-D355, VPD355 VP-D361, VPD361 VP-D362, VPD362 VP-D363, VPD363 VP-D364, VPD364 VP-D365, VPD365 VP-D366, VPD366 VP-D371, VPD371 VP-D375, VPD375 VP-D381, VPD381 VP-D451, VPD451 VP-D453, VPD453 VP-D454, VPD454 VP-D455, VPD455 VP-D461, VPD461 VP-D463, VPD463 VP-D467, VPD467 VP-D563, VPD563 VP-D651, VPD651 VP-D653, VPD653 VP-D655, VPD655 VP-D953, VPD953 VP-D955, VPD955 VP-D957, VPD957 VP-D959, VPD959 VP-D963, VPD963 VP-D964, VPD964 VP-D965, VPD965 VP-D975, VPD975 VP-DC161, VPDC161 VP-DC163, VPDC163 VP-DC165, VPDC165 VP-DC175, VPDC175 VP-DC563, VPDC563 VP-DC565, VPDC565 VP-DC575, VPDC575 and more models.

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  • I'm looking for a Samsung ac adapter as-e8 for my camera, is this the right product

    I don't believe Samsung has ever manufactured AS-E8 adapters. However, there are AA-E8 adapters. What is your Samsung camera model?


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