DMW-BCF10 CGA-S/106B Battery for Panasonic Lumix Cameras

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Our DMW-BCF10 / CGA-S/106B battery is a rechargeable replacement battery for Panasonic Lumix cameras. BCF10 battery is made of premium lithium-ion cells and tested for high performance and safety. DMW-BCF10 is an intelligent battery and compatible with the most current firmware versions: v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 or later. BCF10 battery is rated at 1000 mAh. Our DMW-BCF10 battery is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The battery can be charged with the original Panasonic Lumix battery charger, DE-A59 / DE-A59B / DE-A60B, or any other compatible third-party charger. BCF10 battery works with the following Lumix camera models: DMC-F2, DMCF2, F2 DMC-F3, DMCF3, F3 DMC-FH1, DMCFH1, FH1 DMC-FH20, DMCFH20, FH20 DMC-FH22, DMCFH22, FH22 DMC-FH3, DMCFH3, FH3 DMC-FP8, DMCFP8, FP8 DMC-FS10, DMCFS10, FS10 DMC-FS11, DMCFS11, FS11 DMC-FS12, DMCFS12, FS12 DMC-FS15, DMCFS15, FS15 DMC-FS25, DMCFS25, FS25 DMC-FS30, DMCFS30, FS30 DMC-FS33, DMCFS33, FS33 DMC-FS4, DMCFS4, FS4 DMC-FS42, DMCFS42, FS42 DMC-FS6, DMCFS6, FS6 DMC-FS62, DMCFS62, FS62 DMC-FS7, DMCFS7, FS7 DMC-FS8, DMCFS8, FS8 DMC-FT1, DMCFT1, FT1 DMC-FT2, DMCFT2, FT2 DMC-FT3, DMCFT3, FT3 DMC-FT4, DMCFT4, FT4 DMC-FX25, DMCFX25, FX25 DMC-FX40, DMCFX40, FX40 DMC-FX48, DMCFX48, FX48 DMC-FX550, DMCFX550, FX550 DMC-FX580, DMCFX580, FX580 DMC-FX60, DMCFX60, FX60 DMC-FX65, DMCFX65, FX65 DMC-FX66, DMCFX66, FX66 DMC-FX68, DMCFX68, FX68 DMC-FX70, DMCFX70, FX70 DMC-FX75, DMCFX75, FX75 DMC-FX700, DMCFX700, FX700 DMC-TS1, DMCTS1, TS1 DMC-TS2, DMCTS2, TS2 DMC-TS3, DMCTS3, TS3 DMC-TS4, DMCTS4, TS4 DMC-F2K, DMCF2K, F2K DMC-F2P, DMCF2P, F2P DMC-F2S, DMCF2S, F2S DMC-FP8S, DMCFP8S, FP8S DMC-FP8K, DMCFP8K, FP8K DMC-FP8R, DMCFP8R, FP8R DMC-FH1A, DMCFH1A, FH1A DMC-FH1K, DMCFH1K, FH1K DMC-FH1P, DMCFH1P, FH1P DMC-FH1S, DMCFH1S, FH1S DMC-FH3A, DMCFH3A, FH3A DMC-FH3K, DMCFH3K, FH3K DMC-FH3P, DMCFH3P, FH3P DMC-FH3S, DMCFH3S, FH3S DMC-FH3R, DMCFH3R, FH3R DMC-FH3K, DMCFH3K, FH3K DMC-FH20A, DMCFH20A, FH20A DMC-FH20K, DMCFH20K, FH20K DMC-FH20R, DMCFH20R, FH20R DMC-FH20S, DMCFH20S, FH20S DMC-FH20V, DMCFH20V, FH20V DMC-FS12A, DMCFS12A, FS12A DMC-FS12G, DMCFS12G, FS12G DMC-FS12K, DMCFS12K, FS12K DMC-FS12P, DMCFS12P, FS12P DMC-FS12S, DMCFS12S, FS12S DMC-FS15A, DMCFS15A, FS15A DMC-FS15K, DMCFS15K, FS15K DMC-FS15S, DMCFS15S, FS15S DMC-FS25K, DMCFS25K, FS25K DMC-FS25N, DMCFS25N, FS25N DMC-FS25S, DMCFS25S, FS25S DMC-FS4K, DMCFS4K, FS4K DMC-FS42K, DMCFS42K, FS42K DMC-FS42P, DMCFS42P, FS42P DMC-FS42S, DMCFS42S, FS42S DMC-FS62A, DMCFS62A, FS62A DMC-FS62K, DMCFS62K, FS62K DMC-FS62P, DMCFS62P, FS62P DMC-FS62R, DMCFS62R, FS62R DMC-FS62S, DMCFS62S, FS62S DMC-FS8S, DMCFS8S, FS8S DMC-FS7A, DMCFS7A, FS7A DMC-FS7G, DMCFS7G, FS7G DMC-FS7K, DMCFS7K, FS7K DMC-FS7P, DMCFS7P, FS7P DMC-FS7S, DMCFS7S, FS7S DMC-FX48K, DMCFX48K, FX48K DMC-FX48S, DMCFX48S, FX48S DMC-FX580K, DMCFX580K, FX580K DMC-FX580S, DMCFX580S, FX580S DMC-FX75K, DMCFX75K, FX75K DMC-FX75S, DMCFX75S, FX75S DMC-TS2A, DMCTS2A, TS2A DMC-TS2D, DMCTS2D, TS2D DMC-TS2S, DMCTS2S, TS2S DMC-TS2Y, DMCTS2Y, TS2Y DMC-TS1D, DMCTS1D, TS1D DMC-TS1G, DMCTS1G, TS1G DMC-TS1S, DMCTS1S, TS1S and more models. DMW-BCF10 / CGA-S/106B is the best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: Panasonic DMW-BCF10, DMWBCF10, DMW-BCF10PP, DMWBCF10PP, DMW-BCF10E, DMWBCF10E, CGA-S106B, CGA-S106, CGA-S/106C, CGAS106, CGA-S/106B.

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