7000 7.2V Ni-CD 1.5Ah Battery For Makita Cordless Drills, Screwdrivers, Sanders, Trimmers, Shears, Flashlights and Other Tools

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Our 7000 / 7002 / 7033 battery replaces Makita OEM battery part numbers: 191679-9, 192532-2, 192695-4, 632002-4, 632003-2, 7000, 7002, 7033, B7000.

Chemistry: Ni-CD
Capacity: 1500mAh / 10.8Wh
Voltage: 7.2V

Compatible models:

Makita Drills and Drivers:
4770D, 6002D, 6002DW, 6002DWK, 6010D, 6010DL, 6010DW, 6010DWE, 6010DWK, 6012D, 6012DL, 6012DW, 6012DWK, 6015DWK, 6015DWE, 6016DW, 6017DWBE, 6017DWE, 6018D, 6018DWBE, 6018DWE, 6019DWLE, 6019D, 6019DW, 6019DWBE, 6019DWE, 6022DW, 6071DW, 6071DWK, 6072D, 6072DW, 6072DL, 6072DWK, 6073D, 6073DW, 6073DWK, 6075D, 6075DW, 6172D, 6172DW, DA3000DW, DA3000D, DA301D, DA301DW, DA302D, DA302DW, DA302DWB

Makita Screwdrivers:
6710D, 6710DW

Makita Cordless Wrenches:
6912D, 6912DW

Makita Sanders:
9035D, 9035DW, 9200D, 9500D, 9500DW

Makita Lawn Clippers, Grass Shears, and Hedge Trimmers:
MUM105D, MUM105DW, UM1000D, UM1200DW, UM1270DW, UH1070DW, UH3000D, UH3000DW, UH3070DW

Makita Flashlights
ML700, ML701, ML702

Makita Laminate Trimmers:
3700D, 3700DW

Makita Jig Saws:
4307D, 4307DW

Makita Cordless Cleaners and Vacuums:
4071D, 4073D

Customer Questions & Answers

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  • Is battery 7000 compatible with drill/drivers DA3000D & 6071D & chargerDC7100

    This battery is compatible with DA3000D and 6071D drills/drivers. It can be charged with Makita DC7100 / DC18RA chargers.


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