PPP017L / PA-1121-12HD 135W AC Power Adapter for HP Pavilion ZD8000, ZV6000, HP Compaq 9600, Compaq Presario R4000, and X6000 Notebook PC Series

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Pick up our PPP017L / PA-1121-12HD 19V 7.1A (135W) power adapter for your HP / Compaq notebook so that you can have one at home and one at work. The power adapter is fully compatible with the following HP Compaq models:

HP Pavilion ZD8000 Series
HP Pavilion ZV6000 Series
HP Compaq 9600 Series
Compaq Presario R4000 Series
Compaq Presario X6000 Series

HP Pavilion ZD8000 Series
ZD8400, ZD8388EA, ZD8369EA, ZD8350LA, ZD8325EA, ZD8319EA, ZD8318EA, ZD8308EA, ZD8305EA, ZD8304EA, ZD8303EA, ZD8301EA, ZD8300, ZD8291EA, ZD8290EA, ZD8289EA, ZD8280EA, ZD8270EA, ZD8256EA, ZD8255EA, ZD8254EA, ZD8253EA, ZD8251EA, ZD8250LA, ZD8238EA, ZD8237EA, ZD8235EA, ZD8234EA, ZD8231EA, ZD8230US, ZD8230EA, ZD8229EA, ZD8228EA, ZD8227EA, ZD8226EA, ZD8225EA, ZD8225CA, ZD8224EA, ZD8223EA, ZD8220US, ZD8219EA, ZD8218EA, ZD8217EA, ZD8215US, ZD8214EA, ZD8210CA, ZD8205US, ZD8204AP, ZD8203AP, ZD8202AP, ZD8201AP, ZD8200, ZD8185EA, ZD8184EA, ZD8183EA, ZD8182EA, ZD8181EA, ZD8180EA, ZD8179EA, ZD8162EA, ZD8160EA, ZD8159EA, ZD8158EA, ZD8157EA, ZD8156EA, ZD8155EA, ZD8151EA, ZD8150EA, ZD8148EA, ZD8147EA, ZD8139EA, ZD8135EA, ZD8130EA, ZD8129EA, ZD8127EA, ZD8126EA, ZD8125EA, ZD8125CL, ZD8124EA, ZD8123EA, ZD8122EA, ZD8120EA, ZD8120CL, ZD8115US, ZD8115EA, ZD8112EA, ZD8110US, ZD8110EA, ZD8105EA, ZD8105CA, ZD8100, ZD8080US, ZD8080EA, ZD8079EA, ZD8078EA, ZD8076EA, ZD8075EA, ZD8072EA, ZD8070EA, ZD8060US, ZD8060CA, ZD8055US, ZD8054EA, ZD8053EA, ZD8052EA, ZD8051EA, ZD8050XX, ZD8050LA, ZD8050EA, ZD8048EA, ZD8047EA, ZD8045EA, ZD8044EA, ZD8043EA, ZD8030EA, ZD8020EA, ZD8019EA, ZD8017EA, ZD8015EA, ZD8011XX, ZD8010XX, ZD8010EA, ZD8009EA, ZD8008EA, ZD8007EA, ZD8005EA, ZD8005AP, ZD8004XX, ZD8004AP, ZD8003XX, ZD8003AP, ZD8002XX, ZD8002AP, ZD8001XX, ZD8001AP, ZD8000

HP Pavilion ZV6000 Series
ZV6295EA, ZV6270US, ZV6252EA, ZV6246EA, ZV6245EA, ZV6233NR, ZV6230CA, ZV6223CL, ZV6214EA, ZV6196EA, ZV6195EA, ZV6181EA, ZV6180EA, ZV6179EA, ZV6174EA, ZV6170US, ZV6170CA, ZV6158EA, ZV6156EA, ZV6153EA, ZV6152EA, ZV6151EA, ZV6150EA, ZV6149EA, ZV6148EA, ZV6147EA, ZV6131US, ZV6131EA, ZV6130US, ZV6130EA, ZV6129EA, ZV6126EA, ZV6123CL, ZV6115EA, ZV6114EA, ZV6107WM, ZV6100, ZV6090EA, ZV6090, ZV6069EA, ZV6069, ZV6068EA, ZV6068, ZV6067EA, ZV6067, ZV6066EA, ZV6066, ZV6065EA, ZV6065, ZV6064EA, ZV6064, ZV6062EA, ZV6062, ZV6061EA, ZV6061, ZV6029EA, ZV6029, ZV6028EA, ZV6028, ZV6027EA, ZV6027, ZV6026EA, ZV6026, ZV6025EA, ZV6025, ZV6024EA, ZV6024, ZV6020EA, ZV6020, ZV6017EA, ZV6017, ZV6015US, ZV6015, ZV6013EA, ZV6013, ZV6011EA, ZV6011, ZV6010US, ZV6010EA, ZV6010, ZV6009US, ZV6009EA, ZV6009, ZV6008CL, ZV6008, ZV6007US, ZV6007, ZV6006EA, ZV6006, ZV6005US, ZV6005, ZV6004XX, ZV6004EA, ZV6004, ZV6003XX, ZV6003, ZV6002XX, ZV6002, ZV6001XX, ZV6001, ZV6000 CTO, ZV6000

HP Compaq 9600 Series

Compaq Presario R4000 Series
R4225C, R4225, R4222EA, R4222, R4220EA, R4220, R4219EA, R4219, R4218EA, R4218, R4209EA, R4209, R4208EA, R4208, R4206EA, R4206, R4205EA, R4205, R4200, R4157EA, R4157, R4155EA, R4155, R4150EA, R4150, R4146EA, R4146, R4145EA, R4145, R4130EA, R4130, R4127US, R4127EA, R4127, R4126EA, R4126, R4125US, R4125EA, R4125CA, R4125, R4115US, R4115EA, R4115, R4114EA, R4114, R4100 CTO, R4100, R4075EA, R4075, R4065EA, R4065, R4060EA, R4060, R4035CA, R4035, R4031EA, R4031, R4030EA, R4030, R4029EA, R4029, R4028EA, R4028, R4026EA, R4026, R4025US, R4025EA, R4025CA, R4025, R4024EA, R4024, R4017EA, R4017, R4016EA, R4016, R4015EA, R4015, R4012US, R4012EA, R4012, R4010US, R4010CA, R4010, R4009EA, R4009, R4006EA, R4006, R4005EA, R4005, R4003XX, R4003EA, R4003, R4002XX, R4002, R4001XX, R4001, R4000 CTO

Compaq Presario X6000 Series
X6110US, X6070US, X6050US, X6050CA, X6003XX, X6002XX, X6001XX, X6000

and more models.

This adapter replaces HP Compaq P/Ns: PA-1121-12HD, PPP017L, 374427-001, 375117-001, 378768-001, HP-OW135F13, 374427-002, HSTNN-HA01, 394903-001, 375126-001, 375143-001, 394208-001, EA350A#ABA, EA350A, 393953-001, 393953-002, or equivalent.

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