402018-001 / DC359A 65W AC Adapter for Compaq Presario V, C, M Series, HP Pavilion DV, TX, ZE, HP Compaq 6200 and More Notebooks

Availability: Many in stock
Our 402018-001 / DC359A 18.5V 3.5A power adapter for HP Compaq notebooks replaces HP Compaq OEM part numbers: 402018-001, DC359A, 381090-001, 380467-001, 380467-003, DL606A#ABA, 319860-001, DL606A, 239704-001, 285288-001, 239427-001, 265602-001, B65602-001, DC359A#ABA, 383494-001.

Compatible models:

HP Pavilion DV1000 Series
DV1670US, DV1670, DV1650US, DV1650, DV1610US, DV1610, DV1600, DV1580SE, DV1580, DV1550SE, DV1550, DV1540US, DV1540CA, DV1540, DV1532US, DV1532, DV1530US, DV1530CA, DV1530, DV1520US, DV1520CA, DV1520, DV1519US, DV1519, DV1515CL, DV1515, DV1510US, DV1510CA, DV1510, DV1500, DV1440US, DV1440, DV1439US, DV1439, DV1435, DV1432US, DV1432, DV1430US, DV1430, DV1427us, DV1420US, DV1420, DV1411SE, DV1411, DV1410US, DV1410, DV1400, DV1340US, DV1340, DV1330US, DV1330CA, DV1330, DV1321us, DV1320US, DV1320, DV1315CL, DV1315, DV1311SE, DV1311, DV1310US, DV1310, DV1300, DV1075, DV1074, DV1071, DV1067, DV1066, DV1065US, DV1065, DV1064, DV1063, DV1061, DV1060US, DV1060, DV1050US, DV1050, DV1049CL, DV1049, DV1045LA, DV1045, DV1044, DV1042, DV1040US, DV1040CA, DV1040, DV1034AP, DV1034, DV1033, DV1032, DV1031AP, DV1031, DV1030AP, DV1030, DV1029AP, DV1029, DV1028, DV1027, DV1026, DV1025LA, DV1025AP, DV1025, DV1024LA, DV1024AP, DV1024, DV1023, DV1022AP, DV1022, DV1021AP, DV1021, DV1020, DV1019, DV1018, DV1017, DV1016, DV1015LA, DV1015AP, DV1015, DV1014LA, DV1014AP, DV1014, DV1013, DV1012LA, DV1012, DV1011, DV1011, DV1010US, DV1010CA, DV1010AP, DV1010, DV1009XX MV, DV1009AP, DV1009, DV1008, DV1007, DV1006AP, DV1006, DV1005, DV1004AP, DV1004, DV1003, DV1002XX MV IUR, DV1002AP, DV1002, DV1001XX MV IUR, DV1001AP, DV1001, DV1000 CTO, DV1000

HP Pavilion DV5000 Series
DV5123CL, DV5123, DV5120US, DV5120, DV5110US, DV5110, DV5100CTO, DV5100, DV5040US, DV5040, DV5030US, DV5030, DV5029US, DV5029, DV5020US, DV5020CA, DV5020, DV5017CL, DV5017, DV5010, DV5003CL, DV5003, DV5001, DV5000

HP Pavilion TX1000 Series
TX1499US, TX1499, TX1127CL, TX1127, TX1120US, TX1120, TX1119US, TX1119, TX1115NR, TX1115, TX1113CL, TX1113, TX1110US, TX1110, TX1100, TX1080EA, TX1080, TX1040EA, TX1040, TX1030LA, TX1030EA, TX1030, TX1021AU, TX1021, TX1020EA, TX1020AU, TX1020, TX1017AU, TX1017, TX1016AU, TX1016, TX1014AU, TX1014, TX1013AU, TX1013, TX1012AU, TX1012, TX1011AU, TX1011, TX1010AU, TX1010, TX1009AU, TX1009, TX1008AU, TX1008, TX1007AU, TX1007, TX1006AU, TX1006, TX1005AU, TX1005, TX1004AU, TX1004, TX1003AU, TX1003, TX1002XX, TX1002AU, TX1002, TX1001AU, TX1001, TX1000 CTO, TX1000, KC479UA

HP Pavilion TX2000 Series
TX2120US, TX2120, TX2117CL, TX2117, TX2115NR, TX2115, TX2114CA, TX2114, TX2113CL, TX2113, TX2110US, TX2110CA, TX2110, TX2108CA, TX2108, TX2104CA, TX2104, KN975UA, KN974UA, KN973UA, KN972UA, KN971UA, KN970UA, KN969UA, KN967UA, KN966UA

HP Pavilion ZE2000 Series
ZE2401XT, ZE2401, ZE2400, ZE2315US, ZE2315, ZE2309NR, ZE2309, ZE2308WM, ZE2308, ZE2300, ZE2200 CTO, ZE2200, ZE2150US, ZE2150, ZE2120CA, ZE2120, ZE2117US, ZE2117, ZE2115US, ZE2115, ZE2114US, ZE2114, ZE2113US, ZE2113, ZE2110US, ZE2110, ZE2109US, ZE2109, ZE2108WM, ZE2108, ZE2100, ZE2020CA, ZE2020, ZE2015US, ZE2015, ZE2010, ZE2008WM, ZE2008, ZE2005US, ZE2005, ZE2004US, ZE2004, ZE2000 CTO, ZE2000

HP Pavilion ZE4900 Series
ZE4995EA, ZE4995, ZE4965EA, ZE4965, ZE4962EA, ZE4962, ZE4961EA, ZE4961, ZE4960EA, ZE4960, ZE4958EA, ZE4958, ZE4957EA, ZE4957, ZE4956EA, ZE4956, ZE4955EA, ZE4955, ZE4954EA, ZE4954, ZE4953EA, ZE4953, ZE4952EA, ZE4952, ZE4951EA, ZE4951, ZE4950EA, ZE4950, ZE4949US, ZE4949EA, ZE4949, ZE4948M, ZE4948EA, ZE4948, ZE4947WM, ZE4947EA, ZE4947, ZE4946EA, ZE4946CL, ZE4946, ZE4945EA, ZE4945, ZE4944EA, ZE4944, ZE4943EA, ZE4943, ZE4942US, ZE4942EA, ZE4942, ZE4941US, ZE4941EA, ZE4941, ZE4940LA, ZE4940EA, ZE4940, ZE4939EA, ZE4939, ZE4938EA, ZE4938, ZE4937EA, ZE4937, ZE4936EA, ZE4936, ZE4935WM, ZE4935EA, ZE4935, ZE4934EA, ZE4934, ZE4933US, ZE4933EA, ZE4933, ZE4932EA, ZE4932, ZE4931EA, ZE4931, ZE4930US, ZE4930LA, ZE4930EA, ZE4930, ZE4929EA, ZE4929, ZE4928EA, ZE4928, ZE4927EA, ZE4927, ZE4926EA, ZE4926, ZE4925EA, ZE4925, ZE4923EA, ZE4923, ZE4922EA, ZE4922, ZE4921EA, ZE4921, ZE4920LA, ZE4920EA, ZE4920, ZE4919CL, ZE4919, ZE4918EA, ZE4918, ZE4917EA, ZE4917, ZE4916EA, ZE4916, ZE4915EA, ZE4915, ZE4914EA, ZE4914, ZE4913EA, ZE4913, ZE4912EA, ZE4912, ZE4911US, ZE4911EA, ZE4911, ZE4910US, ZE4910LA, ZE4910EA, ZE4910, ZE4909, ZE4908US, ZE4908EA, ZE4908, ZE4907WM-B, ZE4907WM, ZE4907EA, ZE4907, ZE4906US, ZE4906EA, ZE4906, ZE4905EA, ZE4905, ZE4904US, ZE4904EA, ZE4904, ZE4903US, ZE4903EA, ZE4903, ZE4902EA, ZE4902, ZE4901us, ZE4901EA, ZE4901, ZE4900 CTO, ZE4900

HP Pavilion ZT3000 Series
ZT3400, ZT3380US, ZT3380, ZT3355US, ZT3355, ZT3350US, ZT3350, ZT3349CL, ZT3349, ZT3340US, ZT3340, ZT3310, ZT3305, ZT3302US, ZT3302, ZT3301US, ZT3301, ZT3300, ZT3280US, ZT3280, ZT3260, ZT3250US, ZT3250, ZT3242, ZT3241, ZT3240, ZT3235, ZT3230, ZT3225, ZT3220, ZT3215, ZT3210, ZT3205, ZT3201US, ZT3201, ZT3200, ZT3170US, ZT3170, ZT3140US, ZT3140, ZT3130, ZT3120, ZT3110, ZT3101US, ZT3101, ZT3068CL, ZT3068, ZT3050, ZT3040, ZT3030, ZT3025, ZT3020US, ZT3020, ZT3015, ZT3010US, ZT3010, ZT3001US, ZT3001, ZT3000

HP Special Edition Series
L2205NR, L2200, L2105NR, L2105CL, L2105CA, L2100, L2099XX, L2098XX, L2005US, L2005CX, L2005CU, L2005CO, L2005CM, L2005CL, L2005A4, L2005A3, L2000 CTO, L2000

Compaq Presario V2000 Series
V2699, V2698, V2665US, V2665, V2640NR, V2640, V2630US, V2630, V2610US, V2610, V2600, V2582US, V2582, V2575US, V2575CA, V2575, V2570NR, V2570CA, V2570, V2565US, V2565CA, V2565, V2555US, V2555CA, V2555, V2552US, V2552, V2508WM, V2508, V2500, V2424NR, V2424, V2419US, V2419, V2414NR, V2414, V2413US, V2413, V2410US, V2410CL, V2410CA, V2410, V2409US, V2409, V2405US, V2405CA, V2405, V2404US, V2404, V2403us, V2403NR, V2403, V2402US, V2402, V2401CL, V2401, V2400, V2335US, V2335, V2330, V2321US, V2321, V2320, V2312US, V2312, V2311US, V2311, V2310US, V2310CA, V2310, V2309US, V2309, V2306US, V2306, V2305US, V2305CA, V2305, V2304US, V2304, V2300, V2220US, V2220, V2210US, V2210CA, V2210, V2208CL, V2208, V2205US, V2205, V2200, V2150US, V2150, V2146CL, V2146, V2140US, V2140CA, V2140, V2135US, V2135, V2130, V2110US, V2110CA, V2110, V2100, V2069CL, V2069, V2041, V2040US, V2040, V2039, V2038, V2037, V2036, V2035, V2034, V2033, V2032, V2031, V2030US, V2030, V2029, V2028, V2027, V2026, V2025, V2024, V2023, V2022, V2021, V2020, V2019, V2018, V2017, V2016, V2010US, V2010, V2009, V2008, V2007, V2006, V2005, V2004, V2003, V2002, V2001, V2000z, V2000t, V2000

Compaq Presario V3000 Series
V3192TU, V3111TU, V3060TU, V3041TU, V3040TU, V3035TU, V3030CA, V3029AU, V3026TU, V3020US, V3020CA, V3020AU, V3018US, V3018TU, V3018CL, V3017LA, V3016US, V3015NR, V3015CA, V3012TU, V3010CA, V3000T

Compaq Presario V4000 Series
V4035US, V4035CA, V4035, V4025US, V4025, V4020US, V4020, V4015US, V4015, V4005CL, V4005, V4004, V4003, V4002, V4001, V4000z, V4000

Compaq Presario V5000 Series
V5299XX, V5261TU, V5260TU, V5259TU, V5258TU, V5257TU, V5256TU, V5255TU, V5254TU, V5253TU, V5252TU, V5251TU, V5250TU, V5249TU, V5248TU, V5247TU, V5246TU, V5245TU, V5245EU, V5244TU, V5243TU, V5242TU, V5241TU, V5240TU, V5239TU, V5238TU, V5237TU, V5236TU, V5236EU, V5236EA, V5235TU, V5235EA, V5234TU, V5234EA, V5233TU, V5233EA, V5232TU, V5232EA, V5231TU, V5230TU, V5229TU, V5228TU, V5227TU, V5226TU, V5225TU, V5224TU, V5223TU, V5222TU, V5222EA, V5221TU, V5221EA, V5220TU, V5220EA, V5219TU, V5218TU, V5218LA, V5217TU, V5216TU, V5216EA, V5215TU, V5215LA, V5215EA, V5214TU, V5214EA, V5213TU, V5212TU, V5211TU, V5210US, V5210TU, V5210CA, V5209US, V5209TU, V5208TU, V5208CA, V5207TU, V5207NR, V5206TU, V5206OM, V5205TU, V5205NR, V5204US, V5204TU, V5204NR, V5203TU, V5202TU, V5201US, V5201TU, V5201CA, V5200 CTO, V5199XX, V5189XX, V5162EA, V5160US, V5160EA, V5155EA, V5150EA, V5132EA, V5128EA, V5126EU, V5125EU, V5122EU, V5120NR, V5120EU, V5119US, V5116EU, V5115US, V5115EU, V5115CA, V5111TU, V5111EU, V5110TU, V5110EU, V5109TU, V5108TU, V5108EU, V5108CU, V5107TU, V5107EU, V5106TU, V5106EU, V5105US, V5105TU, V5105EU, V5105CA, V5104TU, V5104EU, V5104AU, V5103TU, V5103AU, V5102TU, V5102NR, V5102EU, V5102AU, V5101US, V5101TU, V5101AU, V5100TU, V5100AU, V5100 CTO, V5099XX, V5099EA, V5094EA, V5088XX, V5079EA, V5059EA, V5054EA, V5033EA, V5032EA, V5031EA, V5030EA, V5026EA, V5025EA, V5015US, V5015CA, V5009EA, V5006EA

Compaq Presario V6000 Series
V6137US, V6129TU, V6126TU, V6120US, V6110US, V6106AU, V6105NR, V6066EA, V6065EA, V6057EA, V6048CL, V6030US, V6025EA, V6024EA, V6016EA, V6014EA, V6012EA, V6001AU, V6000Z, V6000T

Compaq Presario C500 Series

Compaq Presario M2000 Series
M2099XX, M2099, M2075EA, M2075, M2071EA, M2071, M2070EA, M2070, M2065EA, M2065, M2062AP, M2062, M2061AP, M2061, M2060AP, M2060, M2059AP, M2059, M2058AP, M2058, M2057AP, M2057, M2056AP, M2056, M2055EA, M2055AP, M2055, M2054EA, M2054AP, M2054, M2053AP, M2053, M2052EA, M2052AP, M2052, M2051AP, M2051, M2050EA, M2050AP, M2050, M2049AP, M2049, M2048AP, M2048, M2047AP, M2047, M2046EA, M2046AP, M2046, M2045AP, M2045, M2044AP, M2044, M2043AP, M2043, M2042AP, M2042, M2041AP, M2041, M2040AP, M2040, M2039AP, M2039, M2038AP, M2038, M2037AP, M2037, M2036AP, M2036, M2035EA, M2035AP, M2035, M2034EA, M2034AP, M2034, M2033AP, M2033, M2032AP, M2032, M2031EA, M2031AP, M2031, M2030EA, M2030AP, M2030, M2029AP, M2029, M2028AP, M2028, M2027AP, M2027, M2026AP, M2026, M2025AP, M2025, M2024AP, M2024, M2023AP, M2023, M2022AP, M2022, M2021AP, M2021, M2020EA, M2020AP, M2020, M2019EA, M2019AP, M2019, M2018LA, M2018AP, M2018, M2017AP, M2017, M2016AP, M2016, M2015LA, M2015CL, M2015AP, M2015, M2014AP, M2014, M2013AP, M2013, M2012AP, M2012, M2011EA, M2011AP, M2011, M2010US, M2010EA, M2010CA, M2010AP, M2010, M2009AP, M2009, M2008AP, M2008, M2007US, M2007AP, M2007, M2006AP, M2006, M2005US, M2005AP, M2005, M2004AP, M2004, M2003AP, M2003AL, M2003, M2002AP, M2002AL, M2002, M2001XX, M2001EA, M2001AP, M2001AL, M2001, M2000Z CTO, M2000Z, M2000 CTO, M2000

Compaq Presario M2100 Series
M2175EA, M2175, M2155EA, M2155, M2150EA, M2150, M2145EA, M2145, M2140EA, M2140, M2131EA, M2131, M2130EA, M2130, M2128EA, M2128, M2125EA, M2125, M2113EA, M2113, M2108US, M2108EA, M2108, M2105US, M2105EA, M2105CA, M2105, M2101US, M2101EA, M2101, M2100

Compaq Presario M2200 Series
M2299XX, M2299, M2277TU, M2277, M2276TU, M2276, M2275TU, M2275, M2274TU, M2274, M2273TU, M2273, M2272TU, M2272, M2271TU, M2271, M2270TU, M2270, M2269TU, M2269, M2268TU, M2268, M2267TU, M2267, M2266TU, M2266, M2265TU, M2265AU, M2265, M2264TU, M2264AU, M2264, M2263TU, M2263AU, M2263, M2262TU, M2262AU, M2262, M2261TU, M2261AU, M2261, M2260TU, M2260AU, M2260, M2259TU, M2259AU, M2259, M2258TU, M2258AU, M2258, M2257TU, M2257AU, M2257, M2256TU, M2256AU, M2256, M2255EA, M2255AU, M2255AP, M2255, M2254AU, M2254AP, M2254, M2253AU, M2253AP, M2253, M2252AU, M2252AP, M2252, M2251AU, M2251AP, M2251, M2250AU, M2250AP, M2250, M2249AU, M2249AP, M2249, M2248EA, M2248AU, M2248AP, M2248, M2247AU, M2247AP, M2247, M2246EA, M2246AU, M2246AP, M2246, M2245EA, M2245AU, M2245AP, M2245, M2244AU, M2244AP, M2244, M2243AU, M2243AP, M2243, M2242AU, M2242AP, M2242, M2241EA, M2241AU, M2241AP, M2241, M2240AU, M2240AP, M2240, M2239AU, M2239AP, M2239, M2238AP, M2238, M2237AP, M2237, M2236AP, M2236, M2235AP, M2235, M2234AP, M2234, M2233AP, M2233, M2232AP, M2232, M2231AP, M2231, M2230EA, M2230AP, M2230, M2229AP, M2229, M2228AP, M2228, M2227AP, M2227, M2226AP, M2226, M2225AP, M2225, M2224AP, M2224, M2223AP, M2223, M2222AP, M2222, M2221AP, M2221, M2220AP, M2220, M2219AP, M2219, M2218AP, M2218, M2217LA, M2217AP, M2217, M2216AP, M2216, M2215LA, M2215EA, M2215AP, M2215, M2214LA, M2214AP, M2214, M2213AP, M2213, M2212AP, M2212, M2211AP, M2211, M2210EA, M2210AP, M2210, M2209AP, M2209, M2208TU, M2208EA, M2208AP, M2208, M2207TU, M2207EA, M2207AP, M2207, M2206TU, M2206AP, M2206, M2205TU, M2205EA, M2205AP, M2205, M2204TU, M2204AP, M2204, M2203AU, M2203AP, M2203, M2202TU, M2202EA, M2202AP, M2202, M2201TU, M2201EA, M2201AP, M2201, M2200 CTO, M2200

Compaq Presario M2300 Series
M2397EA, M2397, M2370EA, M2370, M2358EA, M2358, M2357EA, M2357, M2356EA, M2356, M2355EA, M2355, M2350EA, M2350, M2318LA, M2318, M2316EA, M2316, M2310LA, M2310, M2308EA, M2308, M2305NR, M2305, M2302EA, M2302, M2301XX, M2301NR, M2301, M2300

Compaq Presario M2400 Series
M2425LA, M2425, M2412EA, M2412, M2411EA, M2411, M2406EA, M2406, M2405LA, M2405, M2401XT, M2401EA, M2401, M2400

Compaq Presario M2500 Series
M2599XX, M2599, M2529TU, M2529, M2528TU, M2528, M2527TU, M2527, M2526TU, M2526, M2525TU, M2525, M2524TU, M2524, M2523TU, M2523, M2522TU, M2522, M2521TU, M2521, M2520TU, M2520, M2519TU, M2519, M2518TU, M2518, M2517TU, M2517, M2516TU, M2516, M2515TU, M2515LA, M2515, M2514TU, M2514AU, M2514, M2513TU, M2513AU, M2513, M2512TU, M2512AU, M2512, M2511TU, M2511AU, M2511, M2510TU, M2510AU, M2510, M2509TU, M2509AU, M2509, M2508TU, M2508AU, M2508, M2507AU, M2507, M2506TU, M2506AU, M2506, M2505TU, M2505AU, M2505, M2504TU, M2504AU, M2504, M2503TU, M2503AU, M2503, M2502TU, M2502AU, M2502, M2501TU, M2501AU, M2501, M2500 CTO, M2500

Compaq Presario X1000 Series
X1058CL, X1058, X1050US, X1050CA, X1050, X1040US, X1040, X1030US, X1030, X1028CL, X1028, X1020US, X1020, X1018CL, X1018, X1015US, X1015, X1010US, X1010CA, X1010, X1002US, X1002, X1001US, X1001, X1000

Compaq Presario X1200 Series
X1230US, X1230, X1220US, X1220, X1210US, X1210CA, X1210, X1201US, X1201, X1200

Compaq Presario X1300 Series
X1397US, X1397, X1390US, X1390, X1370US, X1370, X1360US, X1360CL, X1360CA, X1360, X1301US, X1301, X1300

Compaq Presario X1400 Series
X1480US, X1480, X1460US, X1460CA, X1460, X1402US, X1402, X1401US, X1401, X1400

Compaq Presario X1500 Series
X1560CA, X1560, X1500

Compaq Presario 1500 Series
1525US, 1516US, 1510US, 1505US, 1501CL, 1500US, 1500T, 1580, 1572, 1570, 1568, 1565, 1555, 1550, 1545, 1540, 1538, 1536, 1535, 1532, 1531, 1530, 1528, 1527, 1525, 1523, 1522, 1520, 1516, 1515, 1514, 1513, 1512, 1511, 1510, 1509, 1508, 1507, 1506, 1505, 1504, 1503, 1502

Compaq Presario 2200 Series
2273AS, 2272AS, 2271AS, 2270AS, 2270AP, 2269AS, 2269AP, 2268AP, 2267AP, 2266AP, 2265AP, 2264AP, 2263AP, 2262AP, 2261AP, 2260AP, 2259AP, 2258AP, 2256AP, 2255AP, 2254AP, 2253AP, 2252AP, 2251AP, 2250AP, 2249AP, 2248AP, 2246AP, 2245AP, 2244AP, 2243AP, 2242AP, 2241AP, 2239AP, 2238AP, 2237AP, 2236CL, 2236AP, 2235AP, 2234AP, 2233AP, 2232US, 2232AP, 2231US, 2231AP, 2230AP, 2229AP, 2228AP, 2227US, 2227AP, 2226CL, 2226AP, 2225AP, 2224AP, 2223US, 2223AP, 2222AP, 2221AP, 2220AP, 2219AP, 2218RS, 2218AP, 2217AP, 2216AP, 2215AP, 2214AP, 2213AP, 2212AP, 2211AP, 2210US, 2210CA, 2210AP, 2209CL, 2209AP, 2208AS, 2208AP, 2207AS, 2207AP, 2207AL, 2206AS, 2206AP, 2206AL, 2205LA, 2205AS, 2205AP, 2205AL, 2204US, 2204AS, 2204AP, 2204AL, 2203US, 2203AS, 2203AP, 2203AL, 2202AS, 2202AL, 2201US, 2201AS, 2200LA, 2202, 2201, 2200

Compaq Presario 2800 Series
2881CL, 2880CL, 2879CL, 2878CL, 2840AP, 2816EA, 2815EA, 2811CL, 2806AP, 2805US, 2805AP, 2804SC, 2804EA, 2802TC, 2802SP, 2802EA, 2802AP, 2801TC, 2801EA, 2801CL, 2800US, 2800TC, 2800T, 2800NP, 2800CA, 2800AP, 2881, 2880, 2879, 2878, 2816, 2815, 2800

HP Compaq Notebook Series
NX4800, NX5100, NX5000, NX6130, NX6110, NC6220, NX7000, NX9000.

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