FZ06584-101 USB Data Cable for Fujifilm Cameras

Availability: Many in stock
Our 8-pin mini USB cable can be used to transfer data between your Fujifilm FinePix camera and your PC or laptop. This USB cable is a must-have accessory for the following Fujifilm digital cameras:

FinePix A100
FinePix A150
Finepix A170
Finepix A175
Finepix A220
Finepix A225
FinePix A850
FinePix A860
FinePix AV100
FinePix AV105
FinePix AV150
FinePix AV200
FinePix AV230
FinePix AV235
FinePix AV250
FinePix AV280
FinePix AX200
FinePix AX250
FinePix AX300
FinePix AX330
FinePix AX350
FinePix AX380
FinePix AX550
FinePix F100
FinePix F100fd
FinePix F20
FinePix F20fd
FinePix F30
FinePix F300 EXR, F300EXR
FinePix F31
FinePix F31fd
FinePix F40
FinePix F40fd
FinePix F45
FinePix F45fd
FinePix F460
FinePix F47
FinePix F470
FinePix F47fd
FinePix F480
FinePix F50
FinePix F500 EXR, F500EXR
FinePix F505 EXR, F505EXR
FinePix F50fd
FinePix F60fd
FinePix F600 EXR, F600EXR
FinePix F650
FinePix F660 EXR, F660EXR
FinePix F70 EXR, F70EXR
FinePix F75 EXR, F75EXR
FinePix F770 EXR, F770EXR
FinePix F80 EXR, F80EXR
FinePix F85 EXR, F85EXR
FinePix HS10
FinePix HS11
FinePix HS20 EXR, HS20EXR
FinePix HS22 EXR, HS22EXR
FinePix J10
FinePix J100
FinePix J110
FinePix J110W
FinePix J12
FinePix J120
FinePix J150
FinePix J150W
FinePix J15fd
FinePix J20
FinePix J210
FinePix J22
FinePix J25
FinePix J250
Finepix J26
Finepix J27
FinePix J28
FinePix J29
Finepix J30
FinePix J32
Finepix J35
FinePix J37
FinePix J38
FinePix J40
FinePix J50
FinePix JV100
FinePix JV104
FinePix JV105
FinePix JV110
FinePix JV150
FinePix JV155
FinePix JV160
FinePix JV170
FinePix JV200
FinePix JV205
FinePix JV210
FinePix JV250
FinePix JV255
FinePix JV90
FinePix JX110
FinePix JX200
FinePix JX205
FinePix JX210
FinePix JX250
FinePix JX255
FinePix JX280
FinePix JX320
FinePix JX350
FinePix JX355
FinePix JX400
FinePix JX405
FinePix JX420
FinePix JX500
FinePix JX520
FinePix JX530
FinePix JX540
FinePix JX550
FinePix JX580
FinePix JX590
FinePix JX700
FinePix JX710
FinePix JZ100
FinePix JZ110
FinePix JZ250
FinePix JZ260
FinePix JZ300
FinePix JZ305
FinePix JZ310
FinePix JZ370
FinePix JZ500
FinePix JZ505
FinePix JZ510
FinePix L30
FinePix L50
FinePix L55
FinePix S100 FS
FinePix S1000
FinePix S1000fd
FinePix S1500 FD
FinePix S1600 FD
FinePix S1700 FD
FinePix S1730 FD
FinePix S1770 FD
FinePix S1780 HD
FinePix S1800 FD
FinePix S1850 HD
FinePix S1880 HD
FinePix S1900 FD
FinePix S200 EXR
FinePix S2000
FinePix S2000fd
FinePix S205 EXR
FinePix S2500 HD
FinePix S2550 HD
FinePix S2600 HD
FinePix S2700 HD
FinePix S2750 HD
FinePix S2800 HD
FinePix S2850 HD
FinePix S2900 HD
FinePix S2940 HD
FinePix S2950 HD
FinePix S2990 HD
FinePix S2995 HD
FinePix S3200 HD
FinePix S3250 HD
FinePix S3300 HD
FinePix S3350 HD
FinePix S3400 HD
FinePix S3450 HD
FinePix S3900 HD
FinePix S4000 HD
FinePix S4050 HD
FinePix S4080 HD
FinePix S4200 HD
FinePix S4300 HD
FinePix S4400 HD
FinePix S4500 HD
FinePix S4530 HD
FinePix S5700
FinePix S5800
FinePix S700
FinePix S800 FD
FinePix S8000
FinePix S8000fd
FinePix S8100
FinePix S8100fd
FinePix SL240
FinePix SL245
FinePix SL260
FinePix SL280
FinePix SL300
FinePix SL305
FinePix T190
FinePix T200
FinePix T205
FinePix T210
FinePix T300
FinePix T305
FinePix T310
FinePix T350
FinePix T360
FinePix T400
FinePix T410
FinePix T500
FinePix T510
FinePix T550
FinePix T560
X-pro 1
FinePix XP10
FinePix XP100
FinePix XP11
FinePix XP150
FinePix XP170
FinePix XP20
FinePix XP21
FinePix XP22
FinePix XP30
FinePix XP50
FinePix Z10
FinePix Z100
FinePix Z1000 EXR
FinePix Z100fd
FinePix Z1010 EXR
FinePix Z10fd
FinePix Z110
FinePix Z115
FinePix Z20
FinePix Z200
FinePix Z200fd
FinePix Z20fd
FinePix Z250 FD
Finepix Z30
FinePix Z300 FD
Finepix Z31
Finepix Z33WP
Finepix Z35
FinePix Z350 Zoom
Finepix Z37
FinePix Z50 FD
FinePix Z70
FinePix Z700 EXR
FinePix Z707 EXR
FinePix Z71 FD
FinePix Z80 FD
FinePix Z800 EXR
FinePix Z808 EXR
FinePix Z81 FD
FinePix Z85 FD
FinePix Z90 FD
FinePix Z900 EXR
FinePix Z909 EXR
FinePix Z91 FD
FinePix Z950
Real 3D W1
Real 3D W3

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