AC-5VS AC-5VN AC-5VW AC-5VX AC Power Adapter for Fujifilm Cameras

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If your camcorder does a heavy indoor job, or you want to stop wasting your battery power when you don't have to. This power adapter is the ideal high-quality, low-cost solution for saving battery power and reducing battery charging downtime and for powering your camera and charge the battery while in the camcorder. Use this powerful adapter when downloading images to your computer, printing pictures, or shooting videos and save your batteries for when you need them most! This adapter works wonderfully for Fujifilm:

Fujifilm X20
Fujifilm XF1
FinePix 1200
FinePix 1300
FinePix 1400
FinePix 1700
FinePix 2300
FinePix 2400
FinePix 2700
FinePix 2800
FinePix 2900
FinePix 3800
FinePix 4800
FinePix 4900
FinePix 6800
FinePix 6900
FinePix E500
FinePix E510
FinePix E550
FinePix E900
FinePix F10
FinePix F100fd
FinePix F20
FinePix F200 EXR, F200EXR
FinePix F300 EXR, F300EXR
FinePix F305 EXR, F305EXR
FinePix F500 EXR, F500EXR
FinePix F505 EXR, F505EXR
FinePix F550 EXR, F550EXR
FinePix F30
FinePix F31fd
FinePix F40
FinePix F50fd
FinePix F60fd
FinePix F70 EXR, F70EXR
FinePix F75 EXR, F75EXR
FinePix F80 EXR, F80EXR
FinePix F85 EXR, F85EXR
FinePix F401
FinePix F402
FinePix F410
FinePix F440
FinePix F450
FinePix F460
FinePix F470
FinePix F480
FinePix F601
FinePix F610
FinePix F650
FinePix F700
FinePix F710
FinePix F800EXR
FinePix HS10
FinePix HS11
FinePix J50
FinePix J100
FinePix J110w
FinePix J120
FinePix J150w
FinePix J20
FinePix J210
FinePix J25
Finepix J26
Finepix J30
Finepix J35
FinePix J250
FinePix JZ300
FinePix JZ305
FinePix JZ500
FinePix JZ505
FinePix JV100
FinePix JV105
FinePix JV150
FinePix JX200
FinePix JX205
FinePix JX250
FinePix MX-500, MX500
FinePix MX-600, MX600
FinePix MX-700, MX700
FinePix MX-1200, MX1200
FinePix MX-1700, MX1700
FinePix MX-2700, MX2700
FinePix MX-2900, MX2900
FinePix S1 Pro
FinePix S2 Pro
FinePix S3 Pro
FinePix S602
FinePix S602Z Pro
FinePix S700
FinePix S1600
FinePix S1770
FinePix S1800
FinePix S1880
FinePix S2500HD
FinePix S2600HD
FinePix S3000
FinePix S3100
FinePix S5000
FinePix S5100
FinePix S5200
FinePix S6000fd
FinePix S7000
FinePix S8000fd
FinePix S8200
FinePix S8300
FinePix S8400
FinePix S8500
FinePix S8100fd
FinePix S9000
FinePix S9100
FinePix S9800 (CP-04 coupler required)
FinePix S9900W (CP-04 coupler required)
FinePix V10
FinePix Z1
FinePix Z3
FinePix Z30, Z30WP
FinePix Z33, Z33WP
FinePix Z5
FinePix Z10 fd, Z10fd
FinePix Z100 fd, Z100d
FinePix Z20 fd, Z20fd
FinePix Z200 fd, Z200fd
FinePix Z70
FinePix Z71
FinePix Z700EXR

and more models.

Please note that some models require a battery coupler for use with this adapter. Please check your camera manual for the compatibility of your model before purchasing this adapter. Best replacement for the following OEM part numbers:
Fuji AC-5VS, AC5VS, AC-5VN, AC5VN, AC-5VW, AC5VW, AC-5V, AC5V, AC-5VHS-US, AC-5VX , AC5VX, 600005538.

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