CA-570 AC Power Adapter for Canon Camcorders and Cameras

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Our CA-570 power adapter is a replacement for Canon OEM adapter and is designed to power your Canon camcorder, reduce battery charging downtime, and charge the battery without taking it out from the camcorder. Use this powerful adapter when downloading images to your computer, printing pictures, or shooting videos and save your batteries for when you need them most! The CA-570 adapter is compatible with the following Canon camcorder models:

Canon ZR60
Canon ZR65MC
Canon ZR70MC
Canon ZR80
Canon ZR85
Canon ZR90
Canon ZR-100 or ZR100
Canon ZR-200 or ZR200
Canon ZR-300 or ZR300
Canon ZR-400 or ZR400
Canon ZR-500 or ZR500
Canon ZR-600 or ZR600
Canon ZR-700 or ZR700
Canon Optura 10
Canon Optura 20
Canon Optura 30
Canon Optura 40
Canon Optura 50
Canon Optura 60
Canon Optura 300
Canon Optura 400
Canon Optura 400 Coach Edition Gift Set
Canon Optura 500
Canon Optura 600
Canon Optura Xi
Canon Optura S1
Canon Elura 60
Canon Elura 65
Canon Elura 70
Canon Elura 80
Canon Elura 85
Canon Elura 90
Canon Elura 100
Canon DC10
Canon DC100
Canon DC19
Canon DC20
Canon DC21
Canon DC22
Canon DC201
Canon DC210
Canon DC211
Canon DC220
Canon DC230
Canon DC301
Canon DC310
Canon DC320
Canon DC330
Canon DC40
Canon DC410
Canon DC420
Canon DC50
Canon DC51
Canon DC95
Canon EOS 5D
Canon EOS 40D
Canon EOS 50D
Canon VIXIA HV10
Canon VIXIA HV20
Canon VIXIA HV30
Canon VIXIA HV40
Canon VIXIA HF100
Canon VIXIA HF10
Canon VIXIA HF11
Canon VIXIA HF200
Canon VIXIA HF20
Canon VIXIA HF G10
Canon VIXIA HF G20
Canon VIXIA HF G30
Canon VIXIA HF S10
Canon VIXIA HF S11
Canon VIXIA HF S100
Canon VIXIA HF S20
Canon VIXIA HF S21
Canon VIXIA HF S200
Canon VIXIA HF S30
Canon VIXIA M30
Canon VIXIA M31
Canon VIXIA M32
Canon VIXIA M300
Canon VIXIA M40
Canon VIXIA M41
Canon VIXIA M400
Canon VIXIA HG30
Canon VIXIA HG20
Canon VIXIA HG21
Canon VIXIA HG10
Canon VIXIA FS21
Canon VIXIA FS22
Canon VIXIA FS200
Canon VIXIA FS31
Canon VIXIA FS300
Canon VIXIA FS40
Canon VIXIA FS400
Canon HR10 HR-10 HD DVD Camcorder
Canon MV600
Canon MV600i
Canon MV630i
Canon MV650i
Canon MV690
Canon MV700
Canon MV700i
Canon MV730i
Canon MV750i
Canon MV790
Canon MV800
Canon MV800i
Canon MV830
Canon MV830i
Canon MV850i
Canon MV880X
Canon MV880Xi
Canon MV890
Canon MV900
Canon MV901
Canon MV920
Canon MV930
Canon MV940
Canon MV950
Canon MV960
Canon MVX100i
Canon MVX10i
Canon MVX150i
Canon MVX1S
Canon MVX1Si
Canon MVX200
Canon MVX200i
Canon MVX20i
Canon MVX250i
Canon MVX25i
Canon MVX300
Canon MVX30i
Canon MVX330i
Canon MVX350i
Canon MVX35i
Canon MVX3i
Canon MVX40
Canon MVX40i
Canon MVX430
Canon MVX450
Canon MVX45i
Canon MVX460
Canon MVX4i
Canon XA10
Canon XA20
Canon XA25
Canon XC10

and more models.

100% compatible with the following Canon OEM part number: Canon CA-570, CA570, CA-570K, CA570K.

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