CA-110 Compact Power Adapter for Canon Camcorders

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Our CA-110 AC adapter replaces Canon OEM CA-110, CA-110K, CA-110A, CA-110E, 5072B002 part numbers and powers your Canon camcorder directly from a wall outlet as well as charges Canon BP-110 or BP-7xx series battery when it is installed in the camcorder. The adapter connects to a wall socket via its AC cord, and the plug at the other end connects to the camcorder.

Input: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Output: 5.3V 1.5A
Condition: Brand new
Warranty: 2 years

Compatible models:

Canon VIXIA HF M50
Canon VIXIA HF M500
Canon VIXIA HF M52
Canon VIXIA HF R60
Canon VIXIA HF R62
Canon VIXIA HF R600
Canon VIXIA HF R50
Canon VIXIA HF R52
Canon VIXIA HF R500
Canon VIXIA HF R40
Canon VIXIA HF R42
Canon VIXIA HF R400
Canon VIXIA HF R30, HFR30
Canon VIXIA HF R300, HFR300
Canon VIXIA HF R32, HFR32
Canon VIXIA HF R20, HFR20
Canon VIXIA HF R200, HFR200
Canon VIXIA HF R21, HFR21
Canon VIXIA mini
Canon VIXIA mini X
Canon LEGRIA HF R28, HFR28
Canon LEGRIA HF R27, HFR27
Canon LEGRIA HF R26, HFR26
Canon LEGRIA HF R206, HFR206
Canon LEGRIA HF R205, HFR205
Canon LEGRIA HF R46, HFR46
Canon LEGRIA HF R48, HFR48
Canon LEGRIA HF R406, HFR406
Canon LEGRIA HF R56, HFR56
Canon LEGRIA HF R506, HFR506
Canon LEGRIA mini
Canon LEGRIA mini X.

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